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Ametrine or Bolivianite are natural mineral stone that belongs to the Quartz family.

It is a Bi Color Stone Because it is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine.

It is considered a rare stone because the only mine in which it is mined is the Anahi in Bolivia. In recent years there has been a significant reduction in the mine’s reserves and in a few years the Ametrines will stop being mined.

Their price is extremely high in carats when we find them in very good condition (Clarity IF-VVS), as well as in sophisticated cuts such as (Antique, Rose Custom Cut). Finally, a factor that plays an important role in its high price, is the clearance of two colors of purple and yellow.

Ametrine is considered the stone of harmony. Smooths any form of tension and encourages creativity and mental balance.

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